Electrocautery is the highly effective, very safe method of spider vein and thread vein removal. It can also be used to treat a range of skin lesions using heat energy. A small handheld tool produces a tiny electric current, and the generated heat is used to ‘cauterise’, or remove, the unwanted growth such as spider veins. Electrocautery can be used for thread vein removal, milia, skin tags, small cysts, brown spots, warts, verrucae.

The use of heat effectively closes off the lesion from the rest of the body, causing it to scab and eventually fall off after a few days, in some cases we are able to achieve instant removal. This is a very fast, safe, and accurate method of removing lesions, and can also be used to easily treat the appearance of broken capillaries and small blood vessels. It is particularly effective on facial thread veins and spider veins, these disappear immediately during treatment.

We use leading brand Apilus for all of our electrocautery procedures, as it provides the safest, most effective results. It is usual to feel a short, mild stinging sensation while the procedure is completed. This will subside as soon as the treatment is over, but we take extra care to make sure you are comfortable.

How does it work?

We use heat from a tiny electric current attached to a small pen-like hand tool to safely destroy unwanted tissue without damaging the surrounding area.

thread vein removal with Electrocautery

Does it hurt?

There may be some discomfort during the procedure; however numbing agents are used beforehand.


How many treatments does it take?

Most lesions only require one treatment for complete removal; however some specific procedures may need a couple of sessions.

wart removal

How long does it take to heal?

For smaller lesions, the initial healing time is usually about a week, while larger areas may take longer.

Removal of thread veins and spider veins on nose

Will I have a scar?

Once the scab falls off, there will be a red mark that will gradually fade after a couple of weeks. After it is fully healed you can expect minimal to no scarring.

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