CryoPen™ is an advanced cryotherapy innovation that is a fast, effective, safe and new solution for removal of skin imperfections that are no longer treated by many doctors on the NHS.

Check out this before and after photograph following only one treatment, as demonstrated in the video above!

Skin Tag Removal Before and After


CryoPen™ can be used in the removal of Skin Tags, Warts, Verrucae, Pigmentation, Milia, Cherry Angioma and more. It works by destroying the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid, forming ice shards and crystals which rupture the membrane, thereby destroying the cell. This also means there will be extremely minimal collateral damage to the healthy tissue.


How does the CryoPen work?

The CryoPen™ emits a fine jet of Nitrous Oxide under high pressure which allows us to work with millimetre precision. This means there will be extremely minimal collateral damage to healthy tissue. It’s so incredibly accurate and practical.

Would you like your child’s verruca removed?

Verruca’s and plantar warts are growths on the skin caused by a virus called the Human Papillomavirus. They are very common, most often occurring in children, teens, and young adults. Warts can spread from person to person through physical contact. The most common types in children are flat warts (on the face), plantar warts (on the feet) and common warts (on the hands, elbows and knees). Although generally harmless, warts can be bothersome, both for cosmetic and physical reasons. Fortunately, we can successfully remove them in the clinic on children 10 years and over using our amazing CryoPen®.

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Are there any side effects?

The area treated is frozen by Cryotherapy. This kills the localised cells in the area which cause them to shrivel and die. The treated area may go darker over a few weeks but will return to normal pigmented skin in about 6 weeks.

How long are Cryotherapy treatments?

The duration of the treatment time will depend on the surface area and the thickness of the tissue being treated. Upon the clinical evaluation of the depth of the area, we will choose an application time from 1 to 30 seconds.

How many treatments will I need?

Usually 1-3 treatments are needed, although this will depend on the area being treated and discussed during your free consultation.

How much will the treatment cost?

The cost of treatment starts from £65 per session but will depend on the size of the area. Please arrange a free consultation to discuss costs and to assess your area.

How safe is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a relatively low-risk procedure. It delivers a freeze directly to the area, and not the healthy surrounding tissue. The Cryotherapy device is both CE and FDA registered.

Is the treatment painful?

There will be a pain sensation similar to a stinging nettle on the skin when the Nitrous Oxide reaches the bottom of the area. There might be a little residual stinging for a few minutes after treatment, this is normal.

How long will it take to recover?

Usually around 7-14 days, although this is dependent on the lesion treated. No anaesthesia is required, and there is nothing to prevent you from returning to work the same day.


Starting from just £65 per treatment



Free one-to-one consultation

Before we do any treatments, we will carry out a free one-to-one consultation to discuss your medical history and check your suitability for the procedure. We will then tailor a treatment procedure specifically to you. Discretion and sensitivity is assured.


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